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FOX Business
May 3, 2014 6:00pm EDT
clinton will be the next president. in second place, way down, jay bush, jeb bush, he only had 6%. with the media already thinking that her fetus the old, dd says this is all the proof that you need. there's no question that they are more democratic than republican. but compared to the obama fervor. the collective thrill, it won't be quite that much more exciting, as it? >> look at what jay carney dead. he was a carny and she's got a mess on her hands. look at what clinton said. look at what she did. >> in what way? but what lott did she break? she may have acted poorly, but why? >> if that is the case, we don't know. and it is a serious issue. and so already we know a lot of cover-up. and she is just as bad as nixon or clinton. >> we want to bring in our all-stars. she has to actually understand. it looks at the foolish things. >> but where is the leadership in the republican leadership? what is the phrase that we use? tingly in the spine? and start the process. >> i'm not disagreeing with you. but maybe the republicans can just counter with somebody there. >> they are asking th
FOX Business
May 1, 2014 11:00pm EDT
to point out that the company was giving money to the clinton foundation for helping out tillery clinton. it just doesn't look very good. so why is that? to the guy that is creating this, he is a shareholder. he was raising these questions with no less than the ceo of boeing. it's very good to have you. what you are saying is that the company had over the years given to the clinton initiative and foundation. he kicked in some dollars for the american civilian of the chinese world fair. but the might have been equipped pro-poe. but the ceo said the word is the stand. you just want to know what is going on? >> yes. as a personal shareholder in the national center for public policy research that we've been asking ceos to own up to some of the things, we are worried that boeing has committed fraud because they gave a donation to the foundation that is run by the spouse of a public official, in this case hillary clinton. right about the same time she was helping them get almost $4 billion with the russian state airline. neil: nothing wrong with being a selfish shareholder, has a sure holder i
FOX Business
Apr 30, 2014 11:00pm EDT
't been this low since the clinton boom years. but you kind of like it for different reasons? >> i do think that in the top 100 metropolitan area, it's far more expensive than to rent as own. so this is a wake-up call. why are people giving up on the future? why don't you want to save up the money? >> the mortgage part is this. all the investors bought up to $100,000 starter homes. there are parts that are troubling. but there is a psychological part that has been going along for a wild. and it's because we stopped saving for college, retirement, we live in the moment. and so somehow we've got to rekindle this idea that it's worth it. and it is worth it. if we give an example. we have new home sales. and the one thing they both have in common is sales in the northeast were higher. lester than what these rent went up and people are starting to get it. >> the other argument that young people feel earned. they've gotten burned on real estate. but what do you make of that? once per, more than twice shy. >> they are saving for the short-term. even if you think about retirement come i can t
FOX Business
Apr 28, 2014 11:00pm EDT
," by the way. the europeans are weak knees when it is tough. the u.s. had to do something, bill clinton had to do something. when push comes to shove, they will not do anything, so we have to do it. why do we have to bear the pain because of it. >> it has gotten cool in russia to find your name on the list. it is meaning you are wealthy and you are in. this is nothing. i agree. but what can you really do? >> a lot of money is leaving that area. neil: so you are hoping this continues. >> there market was up today after the announcement. >> there is no room for squishy feelings. quite frankly -- neil: making maggie thatcher look good. can you imagine her as president of the united states. double parked, you are executed. i am thinking ebenezer scrooge, but that is just me. toyota telling the workers i hope you like texas, i hope you like heat, i hope you like big bugs, but obviously latest company announcing moving the operations headquarters to texas. here we go. >> we compete for big hair. you have tons of taxes, tons of regulations. why wouldn't you move? you're putting everybody closer to
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)